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Apple Edge Cache (AEC) is equipment supplied and managed by Apple for deployment within ISP partner networks to deliver Apple content directly to customers.


Improve resiliency and provide the best performance for Apple content and services.


If your business meets these requirements and you have not been contacted, you may request an invitation by submitting an inquiry form. Participation in the program is selective and by approval only.

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  • Partner networks must operate with a public Autonomous System (AS) and a publicly routable address space.
  • Partners must also maintain an up to date PeeringDB entry and a 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC).
  • Minimum 25 Gb/s of peak traffic across all Apple services.
  • Partners should maintain peering with the Apple network (AS714) whenever possible to support cache-fills and dynamic content.
  • Turnkey equipment is provided to partners, and is fully managed and supported by Apple.