Fast. Faster. Fastest.

Your customers deserve the best content delivery experience possible. Apple Edge Cache (AEC) is Apple supplied and managed hardware for deployment within our ISP partners networks to deliver certain Apple content directly to our shared customers.


Improve your resiliency and provide better performance for our shared customers. The program is by invitation only.


  • Must operate your network with a public ASN and publicly routable address space.
  • The network should primarily serve end-users (versus being a network operator).
  • Must have and maintain an accurate PeeringDB entry, including NOC contact information.
  • Minimum 25 Gb/s peak traffic across all Apple traffic.
  • In most regions must maintain peering with the Apple network (AS714).
  • Must maintain sufficient peering capacity; if possible at multiple locations.
  • Host equipment managed by Apple.
  • Connect to the Apple Edge Cache via 100 GE or multiple 10 GE connections.